Rusheeswar Challa (Dr. John Risinger's lab) received the Dean's Citation for Academic Excellence for Outstanding Master's Final Project in a Major. His project was titled "The role of mutations in PPP2R1A with respect to Endometrial Cancer. This award was conferred by the GVSU Office of Graduate Studies in December 2012.



 CREOG/APGO Annual meeting presenter (February 27-March 2, 2013)

Dr. Patricia Obando will be presenting at the next CREOG & APGO meeting “Extending your Reach in Women’s Health Education: Up, Out, Across, and Around” to be held in Phoenix, Arizona from February 27-March

2, 2013.  Dr. Obando will give a presentation entitled “Global Women’s Health and Medical Education: a successful international partnership”.

 Her presentation will provide examples of the department’s partnership with the University of Costa Rica through the OB/GYN Residency Exchange Program, as well as other academic activities between the two institutions and what has made this program a successful endeavor in Medical Education.

Dr. Richard Leach and Dr. Asgerally Fazleabas have been invited to speak at the inaugural Asian BCGIP/COGI Congress to be held in Surajkund, Delhi, India, from the 15th ‚Äì 18th of November, 2012.  Dr. Leach will present two lectures: (1) Lessons Learned From Society of A.R.T. in the

Niraj Joshi, postdoctoral fellow of the Asgi Fazleabas PhD, received the Best Basic Science Presentation Award at the Anita Payne Symposium held at the University of Michigan on Friday, November 9, 2012. 

The title of his presentation was Downregulation of MIR451 Contributes to the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis in Both Women and Baboons.
Niraj Joshi1, Ren-Wei Su1, Sharra Poncil1 and Asgerally Fazleabas1

Helping expectant mothers

Alicia Young and Belinda Robinson know what it's like to be pregnant and single with little income and fewresources. Bothwere lucky they found support, but they know many Kent County women in that situation don't.

They know it, because both now are community health workers helping low-income pregnantwomen get the medical care and other community services they need.

“I think there are a lot of services available, said Robinson, but many eligible women are unaware of those services or face numerous obstacles that make it difficult for them to receive proper prenatal care.