Welcome to the Lansing Campus of the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University.

The Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in the College of Human Medicine in Lansing, supports the integrated community based clinical training program in Obstetrics and Gynecology. In partnership with our seven community campuses across the state, our students and residents are trained by over 300 College of Human Medicine faculty statewide. This rich history of community faculty engagement of our students is fundamental to our national recognition as a leading community based medical school.

The Department offers to our students unique educational programs and clinical training that reflect the community based approach of the college, emphasizing excellence, hands on experiences, mentorship, diversity and blended learning resources that deliver a high quality medical education. Our students and residents train at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.

You can find more information regarding research, and medical education at the College of Human Medicine by following the link.

Lead Clerkship:

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Anita Avery, MD
Lead Clerkship Director
(517) 884-8845

image of nicole simon

Nicole Simon, BBA
Department Clerkship Administrator
(517) 884-8849

Lansing Community Clerkship:

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Alicia Filler, DO
Community Clerkship Director, Clinical Assistant Professor
(517) 364-5891

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Mary Tate
Community Clerkship Administrator
(517) 884-8848

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Lauren Zoumbaris
Student Programs Administrator
(517) 364-5896

Lansing Community Campus Clerkship Program
1200 E. Michigan Ave Suite 305
Lansing, MI 48912