Johnson, Jennifer E., PhD
Professor and C. S. Mott Endowed Professor of Public Health

Jennifer Johnson


Dr. Jennifer Johnson, Ph.D. received her BS in Appied Physics in 1995 followed her PH.D in Clinical Psychology in 2004 from Brighan University, Provo Utah. She completed her postgraduate training at Brown University in treatment research and obtained a Master of Arts degree in 2013 from Brown University.  Dr. Johnson is a clinical psychologist who conducts NIH-funded randomized trials of effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and implementation of mental health and substance use interventions for high-risk women (including perinatal women) and justice-involved populations (such as prisoners and jail detainees).

Dr. Johnson came to MSU from Brown University in January, 2015 to help build an academically vibrant and socially responsive team of community engaged scientists based in Flint, Michigan, who will contribute to the Flint revitalization effort. She was the first member of the MSU’s new Public Health Research Collective in Flint, and she is happy to make her new home to live and work in Flint. Our community partners in Flint are among the most dedicated, passionate, and skilled in the world.

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Selected Projects

  1. Suicide risk reduction in the year following jail release: the SPIRIT Trial (Suicide Prevention Intervention for at-Risk Individuals in Transition; U01 MH106660; 2015-2019)
  2. Effectiveness of IPT for men and women prisoners with major depression (R01 MH095230; 2011-2015)
  3. AA linkage for alcohol abusing women leaving jail (R01 AA021732; 2013-2018)
  4. Sober Network IPT for perinatal women with comorbid substance use and depression (R34 DA030428; 2011-2015)
  5. Group IPT for major depression following perinatal loss (R34 MH086682; 2010-2015)
  6. HIV/STI risk reduction for incarcerated women with interpersonal violence (R34 MH094188; 2011-2015)
  7. Effects of prisoner re-entry context on cognitive ability to manage mental health at re-entry (R21 MH105626; 2015-2017)
  8. Group IPT for women prisoners with comorbid substance use and depression (K23 DA021159; 2006-2011)

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