The W.O.R.K. Study is closed to enrollment. A huge THANK YOU to all who have made this study possible, especially those who have joined to share their experiences with pain.

OUR GOALS are to:

  • Learn from the 1,000+ girls and young women who are participating in our study.
  • Work together so that we can make a difference in women’s health!
  • Talk about menstrual health!

Exploring a variety of topics that girls and young women don’t often talk about, such as period pain and pelvic pain.

pregnant belly

How it Works

Complete a Health Survey Online
every 3 months for 18 months

Receive a Gift Card
for each survey you complete

Being in the study does not change the care you receive from your current doctor.


Call (616) 234-2858 or email the W.O.R.K. Study team: