As of October 1, 2019

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The role of chromatin remodeling and cell signaling in endometriosis etiology


Ronald Chandler, PhD
Asgi Fazleabas, PhD




OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology

Patient-specific targeting of uterine fibroids


Jose Teixeira, PhD




OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology

Familias Fuertes y Saludables (Strong and Healthy Families) Kellogg Foundation Kelly Strutz, PhD
LeeAnne Roman, PhD
$67,000 9/1/14 8/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Strong Beginnings (Healthy Start Initiative – Eliminating Racial/Ethnic Disparities) Spectrum Health System Kelly Strutz, PhD
LeeAnne Roman, PhD
$202,765 11/1/14 7/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Family Smoking Cessation in Romania Using Pregnancy as a Window of Opportunity NIH - Department of Health and Human Services Cristian Meghea, PhD $698,251 12/1/14 11/30/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Role of microRNA in the Pathophysiology of Endometriosis NIH - NICHHD Asgi Fazleabas, PhD, Professor and Associate Chair of Research, Co-Director of the Reproductive and Developmental Science Program $1,792,972 4/1/16 1/31/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Risk Factors for Early Pregnancy Loss NIH - NICHHD Jae Wook Jeong, PhD $1,607,347 4/10/16 3/31/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program T32 Training Grant NIH Keith Latham, PhD
Asgi Fazleabas, Phd
$1,485,595 6/1/16 4/30/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Subfertility and Assisted Conception Study of Parent and Child Health Outcomes NIH - Dartmouth Stacey Missmer, ScD $220,988 6/23/16 3/31/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Marriott Fund for Clinical Innovation in Endometriosis J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation Stacey Missmer, ScD $546,755 8/16/16 12/31/20 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Modulation of the Receptive Endometrium and Decidualization by Notch NIH - NICHHD Asgi Fazleabas, PhD, Professor and Associate Chair of Research, Co-Director of the Reproductive and Developmental Science Program $1,609,214 9/12/16 5/31/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Integrative Analysis of Genomic, Epigenomic and Phenotypic Data for DiseaseStratification of Endometriosis University of California San Francisco Stacey Missmer, ScD $235,337 9/26/16 4/30/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Assisted Reproduction and Child Health: Risk of Birth Defects, Mortality, and Effect on Grade School Performance NIH Barbara Luke, ScD $2,639,139 9/30/16 5/30/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Integrated roles of epigenetics and cell signaling in ovarian cancer Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation Ronald Chandler, PhD $450,000 2/1/17 1/31/20 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Computational Model of Autophagy-Mediated Survival in Chemoresistant Lung Cancer NIH Jeffrey MacKeigan, PhD $1,424,968 9/1/17 8/31/20 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
MD Anderson - Gynecologic SPORE for Uterine Cancers University of Texas Tae Hoon Kim, PhD $46,424 9/1/17 8/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Mobile Health Intervention for Family Smoking Cessation in Romania NIH Cristian Meghea, PhD $344,468 12/9/17 11/30/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Translational Research in Pelvic Pain (TRiPP) Oxford University Stacey Missmer, ScD $31,000 1/1/18 3/31/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Defining the role of endometrium in endometriosis-associated ovarian cancer American Cancer Society Michael Wilson, PhD $163,500 1/1/18 12/31/20 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Rho Kinase Inhibition via Brain-Penetrant Kadmon Compound for Neuroprotection in Parkinson's Disease Michael J Fox Foundation Jeffrey MacKeigan, PhD $31,375 2/1/18 1/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
The Role of PPAR in Human Placental Development and Preeclampsia NIH - Department of Health and Human Services Sascha Drewlo, PhD $1,530,688 7/1/15 3/31/20 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Women's Outcomes Research and Knowledge (WORK) AbbVie Stacey Missmer, ScD $2,956,535 4/1/18 3/31/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Identifying Neuroinflammation in Glioblastoma Spectrum Health System Jeffrey MacKeigan, PhD $38,676 6/27/18 12/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Michigan CARES (Collaborative Addiction Resources and Education System) Michigan Dept of Health and Human Services Kelly Strutz, PhD $1,567,790 1/1/19 9/30/20 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
The goal of the study is to identify unique classifications of endometriosis patients that inform non-invasive diagnostics, response to current treatments, and novel treatment pathways - stratifying discoveries by participant symptom presentation, and for the cases, by surgical and imaging visualized disease characteristics to capture the full heterogeneity of endometriosis. NIH Stacey Missmer, ScD 3,868,014 9/1/18 8/31/23 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
An AHEI Dietary Intervention to Reduce Pain in Women with Endometriosis National Insitute of Nursing Research Stacey Missmer, ScD $91,203 2/11/19 12/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Implementing to sustain: Determining the minimum necessary intervention to maintain a postpartum depression prevention program (ROSE) in clinics providing prenatal services to low-income women National Institute of Mental Health Jennifer Johnson, PhD $1,540,162 1/1/18 12/31/22 Division of Public Health
Defining Mechanistic Targets and Circulating Biomarkers to Therapeutic Response and Resistance to Clinical ATR and Chk1 Inhibitors in High-Grade Ovarian Cancer Henry Jackson Foundation John Risinger, PhD $66,495 7/15/18 7/14/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Mitochondrial disfunction in ARID1A mutant ovarian clear cell cancer. MI Ovarian Cancer Alliance John Risinger, PhD $50,000 7/1/18 10/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
RAIND Seed Grant MSU Karen Racicot, PhD $25,000 7/1/18 12/31/19 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
PARP inhibition and non-BRCA DNA damage repair mutation MI Ovarian Cancer Alliance John Risinger, PhD
Jose Teixeira, PhD
$50,000 6/1/19 5/31/20 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Harnessing biomarker and phenotypic diversity among adolescents and women with endometriosis to advance personalized medicine for diagnosis and pain remediation NIH Stacey Missmer, ScD $504,027 4/1/19 3/31/21 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology
Infertility History and Chronic Disease Profile NIH Stacey Missmer, ScD $3,276,321 5/15/19 4/30/24 OB/GYN & Reproductive Biology