As one of the original community campuses for Michigan State University, Michigan State University FlintMed is known for their friendly, professional, and experienced academic and clinical team of administrative staff, directors, faculty, medical centers, and other partners.

Michigan State University FlintMed educates medical students, residents and doctors in a diverse community setting that serves a significantly large  underserved population which provides unique clinical experiences to our students. To learn more about our student programs, please click here or click here.

Flint Administrative Offices


John Hebert, III, MD
Clerkship Director, Assistant Professor
(810) 262-6426

auston robbin 04

Robbin Auston, BBA, BA
Community Clerkship Assistant
(810) 600-5620

Ashley May

Ashley May, M.A.
Director of Student Programs

Flint Community Campus Clerkship Program
200 E. First St.
Flint, MI 48502