Dr. Richard Leach and Dr. Asgerally Fazleabas have been invited to speak at the inaugural Asian BCGIP/COGI Congress to be held in Surajkund, Delhi, India, from the 15th ‚Äì 18th of November, 2012.  Dr. Leach will present two lectures: (1) Lessons Learned From Society of A.R.T. in the

session on CROSS BORDER REPRODUCTIVE CARE (MERCK SERONO SESSION); (2) Trophoblastic Stem Cell Differentiation in the session on REGENERATION, REPRODUCTION & GENETICS.


Dr. Fazleabas will also be presenting two lectures and leading panel discussions.  His presentations will be: (1) Endometriosis Animal Models Demystifying The Disease in the session on MANAGING ENDOMETRIOSIS; (2) Endometrial Function and Dysfunction Implications for Fertility REGENERATION, REPRODUCTION & GENETICS.

Following, both Drs. Leach and Fazleabas will be speaking at a one-day symposium on stem cells at the Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Colombo, Sri Lanka on November 20th 2012.  Dr. Leach will present a lecture on Trophoblast Stem Cell Differentiation and Dr. Fazleabas will speak on Endometrial and Placental Stem Cells.