We are pleased to share that Kathleen Dinh, MD candidate 2022, from the Flint campus was selected for the Bruce Drukker Endowed Award of Excellence in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Congratulations to Kathleen and her campus advisors!

We once again had a very competitive slate of exceptional candidates that represented several communities. A scoring system was used to identify the leading 3 candidates from which Kathleen was selected. The selection criteria was based upon their accomplishments in several categories including academic excellence, clerkship performance, and those qualities that best reflect those of Dr. Drukker and his career. Kathleen is an extraordinary student abundantly qualified to receive this award. Each of us can be inspired by her.

Thank you very much for presenting nominees from your community and your commitment to the process of acknowledging outstanding student performance. We look forward to your subsequent support of other such deserving students annually as we continue recognizing their excellence with the Drukker Award.