Fertility: a Global Challenge: Topics will include recent discoveries in reproductive sciences that impact preservation and limitation of fertility in humans, wildlife, feral species, as well as farm and companion animals.

These include Male and Female Fertility and Infertility, Translation of Basic Science to Real-World Practice (wildlife, farm and domestic animals and humans), Interrelationship of Reproduction and the Environment, as well as Pregnancy/Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD). The Ovarian Workshop will be joining us again as a module in 2014.



Plenary Sessions

Plenary Lecture: July 19
Anna Glasier, University of Edinburgh - Reproduction & Population Growth
Chair- Diana Blithe, NICHD

State of the Art Lecture: July 19
Richard Green, UC Santa Cruz- Reproduction & Human Evolution
Chair- J. Hennebold

President's Symposium: July 20
Jeff Jensen, OHSU- Novel Female Contraceptives
Christina Wang, UCLA- Male Contraceptives
Panel Discussion- Developing the Next Generation Contraceptives
Richard Stouffer (Chair, OHSU), Diana Blithe (NICHD), John Armory (Univ. Washington)

Plenary Lecture: July 21
Milo Wiltbank, University of Wisconsin- Reproduction in Agricultural Species, Feeding a Growing Population.
Chair- Mark Mirando, USDA

SSR New Investigator/ASRM Exchange Lecture: July 21
ASRM- Rob Norman, University of Adelaide, PCOS/DOHaD

Historical Perspectives Lecture: July 22
Ian Wilmut, University of Edinburgh
Chair- L. Salamonsen

Future Annual Meeting Information

The following dates and locations are currently slated for the Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) 2015 and 2016 Annual Meetings

18-22 June 2015
48th Annual Meeting
San Juan, Puerto Rico

17-21 July 2016

49th Annual Meeting
San Diego, California

Please see the SSR website for further information at http://www.ssr.org/ or download the flyer.