Jae Wook Jeong

  • Dr. Jae Wook Jeong, PhD has received a new National Institute of Health, R01 grant in the amount of $2.65 million for a five year period. The project entitled, “Molecular Mechanisms of Endometrial Progesterone Resistance” will focus on diseases of the female reproductive tract which represent a significant problem in women’s health. To solve these problems, they will try to understand the mechanisms of uterine receptivity and implantation to develop better treatments that may be currently out of reach. Endometrial progesterone resistance implies a decreased responsiveness of target tissue to bioavailable progesterone, and such an impaired progesterone response is seen in the endometrium of women with non-receptive endometrium. However, relatively little is known about the molecular mechanisms and the precise etiology and hormone regulation of endometrial progesterone resistance in female infertility. This NIH R01 project will utilize new genetic model systems to discover and understand these critical mechanisms.

  • Jae-Wook Jeogn, PhD HDAC3 study has been published on Science Translational Medicine. It reported to Science News and The Guardian.

    Science News article: This protein may help explain why some women with endometriosis are infertile

    The Guardian article: Endometriosis study 'sheds light on links to infertility' say scientists

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  • OBGYN Researcher Jaewook Jeong awarded a Mary Kay Foundation Grant of $100,000 for the study of endometrial cancer.

    Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecologic malignancy, with an estimated 63,230 new cases in 2018. Although early-stage and low grade endometrial cancer generally exhibits a favorable prognosis, recurrent endometrial cancer is incurable with currently available standard therapies for most women. We have developed a preclinical model for metastatic and recurrent endometrial cancer that implicates coexistent Pten and Mig-6 mutations in endometrial cancer. The project will investigate tumor suppressor roles of MIG-6 in metastasis and recurrence of endometrial cancer.

    Mary Kay Foundation Website