Cancer Disparities


Ford, Sabrina, PhD

Associate Professor


The complexity of the phenomena health disparities requires researchers and public health educators to use many strategies to devise ways of reducing disparities and implement programs with the goal of eliminating those disparities. Research conducted under the direction of Dr. Williams includes design, testing and implementation of a multigenerational life-span breast and cervical cancer prevention and screening intervention focused on Black, Latina and Arab women The Kin KeeperSM Cancer Prevention Intervention.

 This work is bringing knowledge to bear on cancer prevention and control by: 1) contributing to the theories that link community, provider and family to behavioral outcomes for medically underserved women; 2) testing and implementing the model to demonstrate its adaptability to other underserved populations; 3) promoting cancer prevention/screening practices across the life span of women through a multigenerational model; and 4)  expanding the use of existing resources by building on established programs, such as maternal/prenatal care programs.

This research has been/is funded by the National Institutes of Health National Institute for Nursing Research and Komen for the Cure.