Current Partnerships

Program of Animal Sciences, Michigan State University

Program of Translational Medicine, Van Andel Research Institute

Craig Webb, PhD, Director Program of Translational Medicine 
The Program of Translational Medicine at the Van Andel Research Institute has focused efforts on developing the key infrastructure to permit the application of ‚personalized medicine. Such medicine included analyzing molecular data derived from processing of patient tumor samples is used to identify optimal therapeutic strategies.

 While their initial focus has been in the field of oncology, the general infrastructure (including the XenoBase informatics system and molecular profiling capabilities) is now being applied in the Department of OBGYN. Here the emphasis is towards the discovery of diagnostic biomarkers and intervention strategies for endometriosis.

 Funded in part by Sequenom, efforts are ongoing to characterize the disease at the molecular level and identify biomarkers in blood or uterine washings that could be used to improve on the current invasive means for diagnosing this debilitating disease. Efforts are also underway to develop a mouse model of endometriosis that will permit the testing of novel therapeutic agents and combinations of existing therapies in a preclinical setting, prior to evaluation in clinical trials.


Michigan Alliance for Reproductive Technologies and Science (MARTS)

MARTS is a coalition formed by scientists and administrators in reproductive sciences from Michigan State University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan, Oakland University-Beaumont Hospital, Central Michigan University and Western Michigan University.

Their goal is to accelerate growth of the reproductive sciences in Michigan and development of relevant technologies by enhancing communication and collaboration of researchers, clinicians, and educators within the state leading to improvements in women's health, new treatments for infertility, and reduced incidence of adult chronic disease caused by in utero environment during pregnancy. MSU is a founding member of coalition and hosted first MARTS research forum on May 6, 2011. To learn more Click Here.


Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program

The overall goal of the Reproductive and Developmental Sciences Program at Michigan State University is to leverage and expand ongoing collaborations between faculty working in animal science, human medicine, veterinary medicine, genetics and regenerative medicine, and to further formalize this unique trans disciplinary focus in a manner that will enhance the rate of scientific discovery and the quality of graduate and postdoctoral training.